Among other dental services Rockland, teeth whitening is offered by Pacifica Dental. Our teeth are continuously exposed to a wide variety of food colorants – it is an unavoidable fact of life! Even with diligent brushing, over time teeth are likely to lose their pearly white color and shine, and our smiles become dull and tired looking. Fortunately, there are ways to fight and reverse this unwanted natural process. It is possible to regain that fresh, bright and sparkly smile! With that goal in mind (and for your convenience), our teeth whitening Clarence Rockland service offer a choice of in-office and take-home whitening treatment solutions. The in-office option delivers the desired results in a single one hour appointment; the take-home option requires wearing overnight bleaching trays for approximately two weeks. Each alternative has its own advantages and we will be more than happy to discuss them with you in order to help you decide what is best for you.