Pacifica Dental offers Inlays and onlays treatment that is, in a sense, large “fillings”, typically used to restore teeth with significant loss of tooth structure due to decay, disease or trauma. Traditionally, these restorations were made of gold but today enamel-like ceramic material is used more often because it is aesthetically more pleasing (invisible). The difference between inlays and onlays lies in their respective forms and their location. Inlays are designed to restore the flat inside surface in between the tooth’s cusps (corners); onlays rebuild and replace one or more of those cusps. Unlike traditional fillings that are done by the dentist right in his or her office, inlays and onlays are prepared by the dentist in the office and then sent to the dental lab to be fabricated. It takes, therefore, two appointments to have an inlay or onlay prepared and placed. The two main advantages of inlays and onlays are their durability and better, more precise fit. Better fit generally means better protection against recurring decay.