Whenever possible, we always make every effort to preserve and restore a natural tooth. Each and every tooth significantly contributes to the overall health and functionality of the mouth. There are, however, circumstances when this goal of “preservation” becomes untenable. For example, a tooth or several teeth may need to be extracted for a successful orthodontic treatment. Or, sometimes one or more wisdom teeth must be removed because of their poor positioning or their failing health. Finally, one or more teeth can be compromised beyond repair because of trauma, decay or periodontal disease and absolutely need to be removed to protect the health of the rest of the oral cavity. In all these cases each extraction is evaluated by orthodontics Clarence Rockland treatment in terms of its impact on the overall oral health, and plans should be made to minimize any long-term damage. We strongly recommend that missing teeth are replaced as soon as possible using restorative solutions such as dental bridges, partial or complete dentures or dental implants.